About Apricottian Artisan Soaps

Greetings friends!


I'm Narinè, the founder of Apricottian Artisan Soaps and I would like to personally thank you for getting to know Apricottian and its origins. Having come from a sales, marketing, and public relations background in luxury hotels, I have always had strong preferences and opinions when it comes to bath products. I have traveled the world and have experienced a wide variety of bath amenities in luxury hotels. The most memorable bath products for me have always been crafted by small businesses that take great care in creating natural personal care products that are simple, pure, and nourishing. I plan to one day open a luxury boutique hotel in my beautiful home country of Armenia, and I have always dreamed of making apricot jams using my mother's methods, as well as creating the bath products that will be provided as part of the luxury hotel experience.


My journey with soap making started with melt and pour soaps which eventually led me to discovering the cold process of soap making. The entire process is a very personal therapeutic experience for me. I think there is magic that can be both found and created through the process of soap making. My selection process brings out my artistic side, allowing me to express my inner vision and ultimately create these artisan soaps that you can now experience for yourself. Carefully selected vegetable oils and luxurious butters combine using the cold process of soap making to create something entirely new, nourishing, unique, and memorable.


I hope you enjoy these luxury artisan soaps that have been lovingly created to nourish, moisturize, and give a lasting and memorable experience to your bath and shower ritual.


I believe that self-care is something that we often forget in our busy life, but it is a simple pleasure we owe to ourselves. At Apricottian Artisan Soaps each detail matters, and we make sure that those details enhance your experience, starting from unpacking your order, which has been carefully wrapped in beautifully designed apricot theme paper, to your bath and shower ritual, where our luxury bars will nourish, moisturize and condition your skin. We call that moment of self-love and self-care because you are worth only the best.


Experience Apricottian and start each day with a luxurious moment of self-care.