Soap Collection · 02. April 2021
Greeting friends. I am so happy to share with you Destination Collection Spring edition. This is probably the prettiest soap collection I have ever made, the color selection and theme are just right for Spring. I wanted to do a blog post to talk about each soap, so you can make your selection easier.
Soap Collection · 01. February 2021
Apricottian Artisan Soaps Lavish Spa Collection preview
Greetings, friends! I am very delighted to introduce the Lavish Spa Collection preview, which will launch on February 5th. This collection is very special, since it is made only with clays, botanicals and essential oils. I wanted to create a line of soaps that will help you revive, renew and rejuvenate after the difficult year that we had. I wanted to create something cozy, simple, yet luxurious and elegant.
25. January 2021
DIY Scented Wax Sachets for the Home and Gifting
Wax Sachet is a natural air freshener, made with natural ingredients such as soy wax (you can also use beeswax), dried flowers, herbs, fruits and spices, and is scented with essential oils. Scented wax sachet is a great and natural way to keep your closet or drawer smelling good. Wax sachets make great gifts or just home decorations! They are easy to make, and will give you a great pleasure, because they not only look pretty, but also smell really good. Want to learn how to make them?