Product & Packaging

Our products are handmade from scratch through cold process soap making. We only use high quality vegetable oils and luxurious butters, which are carefully selected from responsible providers. All our soaps are palm oil free, and most of our recipes include apricot kernel oil. How can there be Apricottian Artisan Soaps without apricot oil correct? Apricot kernel oil has been known for centuries for its amazing moisturizing and conditioning qualities. It is a nutritious oil, rich in fatty acids, vitamin A,O C and E. We also use mango butter and cocoa in majority of our recipes. Mango butter creates a gentler bar, and it provides conditioning and nourishing properties, while cocoa butter creates a harder bar and has great moisturizing properties.


We do offer some vegan soap bars, but not all our products are vegan, since we use honey, goats’ milk, and tussah silk in some of our recipes. We offer all-natural bars made with natural colorants and essential oils, but we also have a selection of soap bars that contain skin safe colorants and Phthalate free fragrance oils.


All Apricottian Artisan Soaps are hand cut, stamped and polished, as well as wrapped in beautifully designed custom tissue paper. Our packaging is ecofriendly and sustainable. Choosing soap bar is a simple way to help environment and reduce plastic waste.

We create beautiful, luxury, nourishing, natural products to enhance your bath and shower ritual, to bring smile to your face, to nourish and condition your skin and to give you that moment of self-care!